Welcome to the New Mexico Association for Marriage and Family Therapy!

ID-10040737We exist to promote the effectiveness and availability of marriage and family therapy throughout the New Mexico. This website is intended as a clearing house for all things related to the behavioral health of New Mexico’s families. Marriage and Family Therapists are specifically trained in the dynamics of family functioning, dysfunctions, and effective approaches to healing relationships.


Marriage and Family Therapists understand that people do not live their lives in isolation, but live, love, and labor with and among other people. The dynamics that support our health or contribute to our negative experiences are critically important when seeking to address emotional or behavioral challenges in our lives, and Marriage and Family Therapists have specific graduate education in helping you assess, identify, and address these systemic dynamics so that you can live better within your multiple relationships.

ID-100147083Marriage and Family Therapists have the same expertise and interests as other Masters-level therapists, offer expert clinical therapy, and in addition, consider the impacts and challenges posed by living in relationship. This consideration of the impacts and challenges posed by our relationships is what sets a Marriage and Family Therapist’s training and expertise apart from counselors who do not have similar training and experience. If you suspect the challenges and difficulty you are facing are impacted or caused in whole or in part by other people with whom you interact on a regular basis, a Marriage and Family Therapist would be the logical choice for therapy.

Because Marriage and Family Therapists are trained to assist people with improving their relationships and their lives, they can also help in other ways. For instance, Marriage and Family therapists are experts on parenting and can provide parent coaching and education. Because they are experts in systemic functioning, many Marriage and Family therapists can provide life coaching for individuals and organizational consultation and employee mediation for business leaders.
As a final example, Marriage and Family therapists are obvious providers for pre-marital education and relationship coaching for teens, college students, and engaged couples. Many Marriage and Family therapists can provide presentations on a variety of relationship considerations for your school, church, or community organization.

ID-100341596Of course, not every Marriage and Family Therapist specializes in all of these areas, but many do specialize in multiple areas of relationships and life. For help in finding the Marriage and Family Therapist that’s right for you, click the TherapistLocator link on this page.

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